About eTuk Companies

eTuk Compaines.

Was founded by three Denver entrepreneurs with a radical idea to bring to Denver environmental friendly, zero emission passenger vehicles unlike anything that the city, and this country, has ever seen. The first 100% electric eTuks were introduced to Denver in late 2014. eTuk Denver provides a green and clean transportation experience throughout the greater downtown area that is safe, affordable, and fun! eTuk Denver is a locally grown company, with vehicle manufacturing taking place in Colorado from its partner firm eTuk USA.

Designed on the principles of making the world a cleaner and greener place, we connect environmentally conscious vehicles to our local community that live, work and play in Denver. eTuk Denver is a unique, eco-friendly, fun experience that is also an affordable and predictable way to complete the "last mile" or provide a short shuttle ride throughout the greater downtown Denver area.

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